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Sculptra is an injectable used to fight wrinkles and sagging skin. It is a minimally invasive collagen bio stimulator helping to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production to restore the plumpness of healthy skin. As a result, Sculptra helps to make the face look more natural and youthful than other injectables that may weaken facial muscles or fill in empty spaces. 

Sculptra’s injections work gradually and encourage collagen growth. The results are long-lasting and subtle. Most patients receive three treatments over several months. With Sculptra, patients can receive a natural-looking and refined appearance that can last for up to two years. 

Sculptra improves:

Benefits of Sculptra include:

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Sculptra FAQ

Sculptra is made of poly-l-lactic acid, and it works by triggering the body to produce new collagen to replace lost volume. Sculptra is unique, and it works as time goes on. Sculptra is like fertilizer for your skin. It starts working slowly and improves the skin gradually over months. Sculptra is a great injectable that can be added between filler treatments or alone.

You may see some swelling after your treatment, but the swelling disappears within a few days. The body produces collagen shortly after the treatment, and patients notice changes after six weeks. Results will continue improving for about three months after your Sculptra injections.

The FDA has approved Sculptra Aesthetic, which can last up to two years. 

Other than no exercise and no direct UV exposure for 24 hours after treatment, you may resume normal daily activities immediately. You may see, however, some temporary swelling, redness, and bruising so it is recommended to plan any special activities accordingly.

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